Information for Presenters

How long is my presentation?

You are asked to present a 20-minute talk.  Questions will be taken thereafter.  A chairperson will be appointed to each panel, and will be responsible for timekeeping and conducting the Q&A session.

What equipment is available?

Each room is fitted with a Windows PC or laptop connected to a data projector and screen, as well as audio speakers.  Presenters are welcome to use Powerpoint or other digital visual media.  These devices will also be connected to the internet.

You may transfer your presentation via USB drive.   Each presenter will be required to upload their presentation before the panel begins.  The University of Edinburgh cannot be accountable for misplaced USB drives.

Alternatively, you may plug in your own laptop.  If using an Apple laptop, please provide your own VGA converter.

Where possible, assistance will be available.  Please indicate to these assistants if your presentation includes an audio or video clip (requiring sound).

Any other questions?

Please email: or call +44 (0)131 650 4400

Newspapers and Periodicals in Britain and Ireland from 1800 to 1900